TSA 800

Technical data

Electr. connection: 400 V 3-phase current, 16 A

Compressed-air connection: 6 bar, oil-free

Working pressure: 0,1 – 0,5 bar

Band speed: individual

Conveyor band size: 1710 à 3000 mm

Working height: individual

Spray stations: max. 5 with round tins
max. 10 with square tins


TSA 800 release agent spray unit: automatic greasing of all tins and trays

Modular design: individual construction for every size of business

Automatic release agent supply: all containers connected directly or via a central supply unit

High-quality construction: all components in stainless steel and corrosion-protected components

DÜBÖR automatic nozzles: perfected spray technology in airmix method, can be used for all viscosities, little spray mist

TSA 800 Transport- Attachment – Mounting: fl exible versions for all lines and types of transport

Manual control or PLC: optimum adjustment of air and material quantities

Oil mist extraction unit with filter: safety and cleanliness at work