TSA 300

Technical data

Max. Operating pressure: 6 bar, oil-free

Pressure: 6 bar

Tank volume: 33 l

Filling volume: 30 l

Viscosity: < 150 mPas

Height: 1000 mm

Widths: 450 mm

Dephts: 480 mm

Weight: 12,8 kg


Mobile release agent spray system  no permanent connection needed after filling with compressed air, can be used anywhere in the business

Airless method: economical, nearly mist-free dispersion

30 litre KEG drum: always fresh goods, no refilling

Trolley with 5 castors and handles: safety and mobility at work

Gun with bayonet fitting: quick change of fi lter and nozzle

Various nozzles can be used: product diversity

Safety valve: safety valve provides reliable protection against excess pressure

Tapping attachment as option: spraying or tapping without any long set-up times